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About Us

Israel vacation Rental is a Tel aviv based company who specialized in managing luxury apartments for Short term rentals in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem. All of our apartments are fully furnished, renovated and meticulously clean and managed.

Our Locations:

All Tel Aviv apartments are centrally located and within walking distance to all city hype. Mini Markets, fabulous restaurants, shopping centers, Bars-you name it- are all within minutes away. All building are cleaned, well maintained & managed.

Our Jerusalem apartments located only in top neighborhoods such as Rechaviya and Talbiya. ALL of our apartments equipped with WIFI, cable T.V, A.C, and will provide with all you ever wanted, for you to feel at home.


Our clients are planet spread and require all kinds of special services from trip planing, privet chefs, sugways tours, car rentals, cell phone rentals and much more. we do make sure that all clients, without exceptions, gets our useful & local tips in order to help them spend their time more efficiently.

Vacation guaranty:

We provide apartments for pleasure & business travel, temporary assignment, project work or a family vacation. we work with companies, tourists and visitors. our mission is to offer short term apartments rentals that provide best value for the money.
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Our Properties

  • 46 Derech Gaza St. Jerusalem

  • 1 Retsif Ha Aliya Ha Shniya Tel Aviv

  • 2 Retsif Haaliya Hasniya Tel Aviv

  • 4 Hirshinberg st. Jerusalem

  • 6 Hayarkon St. Tel Aviv

  • 4 Smolenskin St. Tel Aviv

  • 69 A Bar Kochva St. Tel Aviv

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