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Jerusalem Pearl

This 75 SQM, 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 bath amazing garden apartment can accommodate comfortably up to 6 persons with 6 real beds. Magnificent, spacious, garden apartment in the Best Location Ever-Guaranteed !!! . Well equipped with all the luxuries to make your stay in Jerusalem the best its ever been. Centrally located on a quiet residential street at 46 Derech Gaza St. Jerusalem, in front of Prime minister Benjamin Nethanyahu private residence which make the property very secured, near many shuls, an easy 20 minute walk to the Old City, to the center of town and to the German Colony. has lots of cafes, fabulous ice cream, fruit and vegetable store and many other conveniences. A 5 minute walk to the Jerusalem big synagogue & Yeshoroon. Kitchen - 100% Kosher divided to meat and diary with Shabbat hot plate, water heat.

There is no better way to enjoy Jerusalem than actually living and breathing our city! And there is no better way to get the flavor of the city then by staying in one of our Fully Furnished Holiday and Vacation Apartments. Our apartments offer the best way to make a stay in Jerusalem "up close and personal". Ýou can do what you want and whenever you want. Most of all, you will have all the comforts of home and the quality of being in a beautifully furnished home which is just not possible in a big and impersonal hotel! If you plan to be in Jerusalem for a holiday, a vacation, a simcha or you just want to spend some time here to enjoy the city (and all of Israel), tell us about your plans and we will offer you the of apartment to meet your needs. For all your short term vacation rentals in jerusalem

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